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Are You Prepared for the ACA Apocalypse?

0727EBGcompassLabor allocations and general ledger costing? We’ve never met a CFO who didn’t speak about the
hassles they’ve had trying to integrate their time and attendance, payroll and benefits management
systems. And now all of the sudden the government is requiring that all of these systems talk to
one another to produce this report called the 1095-C? Jeez – can your life as a CFO get any more difficult?

Do you feel like you’re being dragged back into the Walking Dead world of data consolidation that you left in that first job after college? Well, you’ve worked way too hard in your career to end up in that job again and that’s not where your business needs you. You need all of this data management automated so that you can be where you need to be, helping guide your business financially. We at Employee Benefits Group understand that, that’s why we’re offering a fully-integrated workforce management system through Compass HRM.

Your Ultimate Survival Kit
We’ve exhausted our resources, our energy, and our investments to provide you with that single database, single application you’ve been looking for – a fully unified solution that allows for the administrative management of your employee life cycle in one place with analytical reporting from a single system of record. It is about time technology provided you with something besides a cool search engine like Google or streaming videos on Netflix. And no, this is not a bunch of hoopla. This is Broker-Tech!

Our system is based on your actual, tangible financial costing requirements:

  • Position Costing and Labor Allocations at the FTE level or the Corporate Level (Yes…it
  • General Ledger Validation tables inside the same app you post net pays from, eliminating
    the need for a separate login to a GL interface (Never seen that before? – well, you should
    have it!)
  • Exports that can be created for your ERP so you don’t have to have to have an employee
    key in anything
  • Location and Department tables that drive your Enterprise Time and Attendance locations
    and costing (through punches and all) based ONLY on your HCM inputs
  • Single entry, single database architecture ensures mid-period pay rate changes are
    calculated appropriately
  • Single integration allows for overrides on labor costing at the time, payroll, and ledger level
    with multi-level validation reports so you should never have to make a ‘manual journal
    entry’ (Such a dirty phrase, right?!)
  • Benefits costing that’s managed annually with the ability to drill down at the deduction level
    by pay period (All it takes is one entry and the system handles everything else – for
    example: creating a deduction based on YOUR pay cycles and all you have to do is enter
    your annual costs.)
  • General Ledger costing on-demand at the Employee, Department, Location, or Company
    level or any combination in between

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“What you should know about the New Fee Transparency Act!”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
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Webinar - Learn the details of the Department of Labor’s Final Rule to Improve Transparency of Fees and Expenses to Workers in 401(k) Plans, and the proposed rule to broaden the definition of “fiduciary” .

We will be speaking about this new regulation and the impact this and other DOL transparency initiatives will have on the 401k industry. Join us for an exclusive event focusing on:

  • How these changes will affect you and your business.
  • By participating in the webinar, you will receive a step by step checklist to help identify any areas of concern in your plan based on the new 408(b)(2) regulations.

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